About Me

I’m Nick Babcock (résumé: html / pdf):

Location: Chicago, IL
Remote: Yes (US only) / hybrid
Willing to relocate: No
Technologies: Rust, Wasm, React, Typescript, Next.js, Java,
              C#, Python, Postgres, serverless, Tailwind
Résumé: https://nickb.dev/resume.pdf
Email: [email protected]

Things I do

I’m a software engineer with 10+ years of fullstack and DevOps experience, who loves making the impractical, practical through performance and efficiency – and sometimes a little bit of glue.

I don’t want to spoil my resume, but I take pride in the work I do with the many hats I wear from working on small teams and open source projects:

It’s more than just about me. I hope to impart my passion to engineers and teammates I mentor. And nothing makes me more pleased when they derive a solution and I learn something new too!

Let’s chat,