About Me

I’m Nick Babcock (résumé: html / pdf):

Say hi at [email protected]

Things I do

I love making the impractical, practical through performance and efficiency – and sometimes a little bit of glue. I can talk with passion about how I took this one analytical engine from giving responses from 30 seconds to 30 milliseconds. Or how I can contort the browser to parse 100 MB files without the user uploading them, where prior solutions couldn’t even finish due to resource exhaustion.

I enjoy data analytics and creating visualizations. Graphics are often a underestimated form of conveying a point.

I use this corner of the internet to write about my performance learnings, excerise visualizations skills, and lessons learned.

In life, I express my creative side through writing, programming, and simulation management games. I try and maximize the value I bring into work, but also maximize the time I have for myself and loved ones.